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AQL Secure Password Generator FAQ

  • How to enter AQL Secure Password Generator license, which I received by email? Or will you send me a CD with a fully licensed copy of AQL Secure Password?
  • The "registered" copy of AQL Secure Password Generator is the same one that you use for evaluation. You only need to enter your license key(Registration number) into it to convert it to a fully functional copy. This method of selling has an advantage for you: if we release a newer version 2(for example, you have version 2.00 and we release 2.10) you may upgrade for free by simply downloading the newer one and installing it over the old version 2.00.

  • I purchased a license and received the Registration-Number. After I input the numbers, I get an error: "Incomplete or incorrect Registration-Number. Please input again!" What shall I do?
  • All registration-Number has been verified before sent. If you meet this problem, please do following steps:

    1. Download the newest version of AQL Secure Password Generator from AQL Download Center.
    2. Input the registration-number carefully. We suggest that you use the Copy/Paste method to complete the input.
    3. » More information about product activation.

  • I am a registered user. How can I obtain the latest upgrade information free of charge?
  • We regularly send each of our customers all latest free upgrade information after releasing new version 1-2 business days. If you haven't received yours, or you have any questions about upgrade, please click here to leave a message, "Upgrade" in the subject title, including following information:

    1. Product Name
    2. Order ID
    3. Registration Name
    4. Email Address (included in your order, or used to receive the first registration info)
    5. Old registration code
    6. » More information about product upgrades.

  • What's a strong password?
  • A true strong password should consist of 7 or more characters and be part of a "passphrase". A passphrase consists of a phrase that has special meaning to you, therefore making it easier to remember.

    » More information about strong password.


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